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A novel platform for aggregating information on ongoing climate change research across the world

Discover what climate change research is being done, where and by whom

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Join the growing network of climate change researchers
across the world

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Metadata insights from the research projects

Research Focus

Geographical Focus

Percentages for Research Focus and Emissions are not exclusive across categories. They represent percentage of projects for which any given category applies regardless of other categories that may apply for that project too.

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I’m a Doctoral/ PhD student researching on climate change. How do I add my information on the portal?


Register on the portal

Sign-up and submit information on your research. Fill in details like contact, university affiliation, etc. Click here to sign-up.


Approval & publication

Upon submission of your information, admin will check for errors and consistency before approving it (typically within a week’s time). Once your information has been approved, it will be published on the platform and made available for the search function. You will get an email notification once it’s been published.


Update your research information (if needed)

Once your research information has been published on the portal, you can login using your registered email address to update your information at any point. Click here for guidelines for editing your project information on the portal.

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